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Outer Space Nursery Inspiration October 14 2014, 10 Comments

When I started designing our "Outer Space" nursery art, the first thing I wanted to keep in mind is to design a color palette that would work great in a girl or a boy's room. My 5 year old daughter is already crazy about space and all things galactic after her first visit to the planetarium a few weeks back. When she's asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she responds with an enthusiastic "An astronaut!" which makes my day even brighter!!!


Since I was designing a theme for children, I decided to go towards "brighter, more colorful" direction than "dark and mysterious". (I honestly wonder how dark and mysterious rooms look in bright daylight). I did add some pieces that'd make this room look wonderful even by night. The glow-in-the-dark bedding by Garnet Hill is a brilliant idea, as is the constellation globe night light by Land of Nod.

Adding a metallic tone of copper/gold warms the color palette of the room and makes it more inviting.

For details on all the products, follow us on Pinterest.


Purrfect! October 01 2014, 9 Comments

Is your cat feeling slightly neglected now that your baby is due to arrive or has already arrived? You tried avoiding them during your pregnancy to prevent toxoplasmosis and now you just don't have the time or the energy to give your cat the attention they need. 

At a time of change and disruption, your cat may feel a little jealous, so show her you still love her with these adorable new safe-houses. 

We are going international!! August 07 2014, 8 Comments

Yep! Even though we have been shipping our products worldwide, from as far away as South Africa to Singapore, Norway to Brazil, we are making our first international appearance. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with, a premium marketplace for all things baby and kids in Switzerland, to introduce our brand to Europe.

Our products will be available on in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Honeybee Baby- 5 sweet inspirations from nature for your lil' honeypot's hive. July 16 2014, 7 Comments

Somehow summer never seems to last long enough. Bringing the natural wonderful world of bees indoors can make it last a little longer and create an attractive, gender neutral environment for your baby to "bee". Here are our five sweet inspirations that will get you "buzzing" for more.

1. Honeycomb Wall Shelf

This fabulous handmade shelf allows you to show off, yet keep safe, those keepsakes. It's modular form makes it easy to customize the shape and size to fit your space.

2. Busy Bee Wall clock

This delicate wall clock can brighten up a room instantly, perfect for modern decor.


3. Skip Hop Storage Bin- Bee

Tidying up couldn't "bee" simpler, ok enough bee jokes already.


4. Bumble Bee insect Paper-Cut

Available in different colors, this bee silhouette is hand cut from paper. The level of detail makes this a beautiful delicate piece in a pretty mobile or wall stencil to accessorize a nursery or play room.


5. Bee Whitework Embroidery Kit

For those with nimble fingers out there, this embroidery kit is simple and brings a beautiful detail to any fabric. Think soft baby blankets or even curtains.


by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.


Every Design tells a Story... July 02 2014, 0 Comments


Hello Friends,
So excited to introduce you to our first Monkie Birdie Short Animation, we did in-house that tells the story of our "Hot Air Balloon" nursery design. Coming from an animation background, it goes without saying that every design that I have designed for the nursery first played as an animated story in my mind. For me none of the designs of Monkie Birdie are just a still. They are all dynamic and tell a cute story. I can finally show you exactly how it originated in my mind with the help of animation. This is only the first in a series, that we are developing and hope you like it enough to keep coming back for more. Subscribe to our Vimeo channel to keep updated on our latest animations.

And we are back... June 25 2014, 0 Comments

Hello Friends,

Apologies for delays in blog posts. Realized that we haven't posted anything in over a month! But that's what happens when you are a mom (or have a staff of moms) and life takes over.

But there's so much we want to update you on. 

We just got back from the SF Birth and Baby Fair that was held in San Mateo over the weekend. It was so nice to meet some of you personally, and the "Oooh's" and "Aaah's" we got at our booth were so encouraging! 

I especially enjoyed suggestions from some of you on what to include for our new designs. Yes, we will work on designing some whales, alligators and purple nursery art. And Bryan, we will work on a giraffe growth chart as you so strongly suggested we do. :)

I wanted to give some special shout-outs to our very friendly neighboring booths, Nancy Alcott photography, Immedium Publishers and Nini & Pumpkin.

And a huge thank you to Adelina Vargas for being such a fantastic assistant and helping out with everything in the booth! I don't know what I would've done without you. :)


We also launched a new design collection, Space Nursery Print Set. Great not only for baby rooms but for toddlers and older kids who love astronauts, as well. We will be launching our complementary new Space growth chart as well that we debuted at the fair.


And last but not the least, a big thank you to Julie Barnes, who mentioned me and Monkie Birdie in a Huffington Post article about women entrepreneurs! Julie Barnes is the founder and CEO of Julie Barnes Live, a coaching services company whose main mission is to support women entrepreneurs to be Rock Stars in Life and Business. We will be interviewing her soon for our blog. Stay tuned!






Cardboard Creations May 14 2014, 1 Comment

It’s Christmas and you watch your child open their presents, they scream with joy, take the toy out, put it down then start playing with the box. Sound familiar? It’s infuriating, but they are happy! Cardboard boxes are not only appealing but truly versatile in taking your kids imaginations to new heights. Here are our favorite groovy products which take it a step further….

1.On the Road

This big toy tractor from Japanese brand Tsuchinoco is such a fun thing…it has a tunnel in the big wheels that kids can slide through.


2. Little Racer

Have you checked Flatout Frankie yet? This little racer is just one of their adorably cute cardboard creations.


3. Ben Blanc's Shark

No fearing this awesome shark by designer Ben Blanc. The rounded teeth makes this toy very kid-friendly.


4. Bloc City and Kit Jungling by Milimbo

From the city to the jungle, Milimbo has hours and hours of cardboard playtime fun covered.


5. DIY Cardboard Guitars

This is a great DIY project by Makeit-Loveit. The little monkies would love rocking out to a cardboard guitar complete with rubberband strings.


by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.


An ode to moms May 09 2014, 0 Comments

Only mothers can think of the future - because they give birth to it in their children.- Maxim Gorky


When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.- Sophia Loren  



FUN FACT: The founder of Mother's day in the 1900s, Anna Jarvis, didn't have children of her own.  She founded the day because she was tired of holidays only celebrating male achievements. Way ahead of her times! 


There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.- Jill Churchill



Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.- Cheryl Lacey Donovan



Happy Mother's Day!


Photographs courtesy of "The Sweeter Life" photography by Ana Field, a dear friend who captures tender moments beautifully! Ana says "As I navigate through life, I have gained a true appreciation for art and for the beauty of life's sweet moments. There's nothing better than looking at pictures to remember how amazing you felt at that moment in time." If you are in the Bay area, contact Ana for capturing your precious moments at thesweeterlifephotography(at)

A true story of strength and hope April 30 2014, 0 Comments

I started Monkie Birdie as a creative outlet and found my passion in designing for children. The only thing I knew then, is that I was adding value to the visual experience and learning of a small baby growing into a child, stimulating his/her environment with colorful decor that may someday evoke memories for them or maybe even lead them to have a leaning towards the creative arts.

Little did I know the emotional connection that art or design can evoke. The following story is a real story from a real customer that has touched me profoundly as an artist and as a mother. It reminds me why I do, what I do, and why I need to continue doing it. This is the story of Jason and Bethiel Holton. 

They got married in 2011. Before they could go on their honeymoon, Jason was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. So instead of a honeymoon, they scheduled his surgery and radiation. Just about 1 year after Jason got his "all clear" CT scan, they found out they were pregnant with their first child. Their son, Wesley Holton, represented their hopes, dreams and love. They were convinced that this miracle baby was going to have a profound impact on the world and they were committed to seeing the fruition through his spirit. The Monday before Christmas, Jason and Bethiel heard the most difficult news. Their son's heart had stopped beating. What they had been dreaming of for years and planning for past 9 months had changed in an instant.

When Jason and Bethiel, let friends and family know of Wesley's passing, they asked them to do something unexpectedly nice or kind for another person in lieu of flowers. They along with their friends and family organized a "March of Dimes" walk in honor of Wesley on April 26th 2014.

Bethiel contacted me to see if we would lend our "Lion" design for the March of Dimes tshirts (she had purchased our "Lion" print to design Wesley's nursery and it reminded her of him). 


We were more than honored, grateful and humbled to offer our design as part of the March of Dimes walk that was attended in droves by the friends and family of the Holtons. Their team was one of the largest teams to walk that day and raised their goal of $7500.

What makes Jason and Bethiel's story so unique and special is that they turned their personal tragedy into a force of strength and hope that would benefit many families and their children. And we were honored to be a part of it!


The March of Dimes funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. If you'd like to make a donation to the March of Dimes, please click here. 





Modern Circus Nursery Inspiration April 28 2014, 0 Comments

One of our big activities to do with the kids for the summer is going to a circus! I'll admit that I never did go to one as a child, but thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult when I took my daughter to one last summer. The modern take (complete with fireworks, acrobats, latest popular music and even a spoof on America's Got Talent)  of a vintage concept like a circus was refreshing. Of course, we are still talking about the animal circus, not the non-animal Cirque Du Soleil kinds.

So we decided to go the modern route with a circus-inspired nursery theme, with only touches of vintage such as the illuminated marquee letter sign and the assorted box storage. The addition of an industrial clock and a textured wall paper adds whimsical touches to the room. Keeping the color scheme neutral with punches of bold color and geometrical shapes, we think this would be a darling of a nursery for a boy or a girl. What do you think?

For more information on our room inspirations and product information follow us on our Pinterest page.



Quirky Recycling Ideas- 4 Everyday Objects given a Second Purpose April 21 2014, 0 Comments

It's Earth Day! Here are some clever ideas to reuse and repurpose everyday objects that might tickle your creative tastebuds.



'Clunk Click'- We love love love this apt way of safekeeping your car keys! Made from a real car seat buckle and wall mounted, it provides the perfect docking station.



Cute idea! Bent spanners, turned into hooks. More suitable outdoors or in your garage, these industrial strength hooks could hold anything, from heavy winter coats to bowling ball bags… that is, if you can muster up the strength to bend them this way! 



Create a "Dental Dino" toothbrushing buddy. He not only supervises the brushing but safeguards the toothbrush overnight ready for the morning shift! Great way to repurpose your child's old toy.




Encourage your child to reach for a book, with this DIY bookend repurposed from a toy action figure. Great project to get the kids involved and see what ideas they have for transforming their own surplus toys.

Remember to be gentle and mindful to the only place in the universe we can call our home. Happy Earth Day!


by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.

Backyard Chickens- Why having them is good for our kids and how to do it in style! April 18 2014, 0 Comments

It's Easter! We thought we'd celebrate with some "stylin' chicks".

If you have a child like mine who just loves the idea of having pets and you’ve been putting it off wondering how you would get around to cleaning and maintaining them, we highly suggest (drumroll please) - the humble ever so easy to keep - chickens! Having chickens in your urban or suburban backyard is all the rage now. Besides having fresh eggs to eat, they are great as pets.


They are cheap and easy to care for and can teach our kids invaluable lessons about life.

1. Lifecycle- Chickens mature fast. In 6 months you can raise a bird from adolescence (chick) to egg producing adult (Pullet). Taking the kids for  an intellectual spin by asking them the age old question "Did the chicken come first or the egg" never ceases to entertain. 

2. Food source- Kids learn what chickens eat and who eats them. Discover where eggs come from, i.e, not originating from the supermarket.

3. Social behaviors- chickens prefer the company of others, and thrive in groups. 

4. Compassion-kids learn to nurture and care for the chickens.

5. Hygiene- kids learn to keep coops clean and thoroughly wash hands after handling the chickens to avoid Salmonella.

6. Recycling, reusing- Putting the chicken droppings straight into the compost makes ultra strong fertiliser for your garden. Kids learn that even waste can be recycled for new use.

…the list is endless.


While you are mulling over whether to get chickens or not as your next pet, we present to you 2 amazing chicken coop designs to do it in style.

Omlet EGLU

 This colourful, stylish design has considered the cleaning aspect with slide out, wipe clean surfaces. Up to four chickens can perch or nest inside and their front door can make them feel safe at night. It’s simplicity almost tempts me.


NOGG Chicken Coop

There isn’t only one on the market. Nogg have gone for a more architectural approach. Using Cedar Wood shaped like an egg, it provides an elegant safe house that looks more natural in an overgrown garden setting or compact for urban use.


Cocorico by Maxime Evrard

Although still a concept, we can't wait till this idea comes to life. Designed by Maxime Evrard for his thesis project, this urban coop in an egg shape, but it’s plastic design allows for a layered system for disassembly.



by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.

Outside your Fridge: 4 creative ways to keep your child entertained right in your kitchen! April 03 2014, 0 Comments

As you may well be aware, having children doesn’t confine them to their nursery. As they become mobile, you have to find creative ways to keep them occupied and out of trouble, as you get on with your daily routines. We have 4 creative ways to keep them busy right in front of your refrigerator:

1. On/Off Magnets:
These simple on/off switch magnets are meant to hold memos and notes. But we think they are perfect to keep your toddlers away from real electrical switches and keep them busy for those few precious minutes you need to get the dinner in the oven.


2. Zero Gravity Fridge Rover:
If you want to see your child’s eyes glaze over with wonder, add the Zero Gravity Fridge Rover to your fridge amongst your shopping lists and kids drawings. This 2”x2” little car sticks to the fridge just like any other magnet, but wind it up to set it in motion and it will roll about the door without falling down.


3. TOMY Gearation refrigerator magnets building toy:
We have no words for this toy except this one: AWESOME!! It has one battery operated central gear that features an on/off switch. Your child can arrange the other gears with the central gear in any combination to see them spin, whirl and turn. 

4. Magnetic Fridge Clocks:
These magnetic fridge wall clocks are adorable, functional and interactive all at the same time. They are handmade in New Zealand and perfect for your pre-schooler to help arrange numbers and learn how to tell the time.

by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.

Welcome spring and all things new! March 20 2014, 0 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates for over a month. It's been a hectic quarter filled with travels, sickness and some fun stuff (thankfully!). However, nothing exhilarates us more, than to introduce our newest creations to you (and we have a lot of them).



We debuted a new nursery design, we hope you will love. Our Circus Animals Nursery Set of 3 includes a Tiger, a Bear and a cheeky juggling Monkie on a unicycle.

The color scheme is bright but neutral to go with any decor, and we love that it's gender neutral as well, making it a perfect baby shower gift for those keeping the gender of their baby a surprise.



We also launched our new Graphic Bodysuits for babies that features a cute owl and penguin design, printed right here in USA on 100% soft cotton. The material is perfect for the transition of winter into spring, when the air is still nippy at times mixed in with some warm days.



Our newest design: Mermaid Birthday Invites/Thank You Sets will be available on starting 22nd March at 12 pm EST. Gilt is an online shopping website which provides instant insider access to today's top designer labels. We are so honored to have our products included.



We are expanding our borders everyday by shipping internationally. Last month we shipped new orders to Mexico, Canada, Norway, South Africa and Australia. We are so happy and grateful for having our designs appreciated all over the world!


Happy Spring!


Free Valentine's Day Printables from Monkie Birdie February 03 2014, 0 Comments

Are you ready for Valentine's day yet? Whether you are an enthusiast or a party pooper, as long as you have little kids in school, you know you will be handing out those little cards to the whole class. 

Download our free valentine day card printables. They are cute, minimalist and gender neutral (especially if you are exhausted with the commercial super heroes or pink candy floss ones).

Leave us a comment on Facebook if you are happy with how they turn out.

Download the file here. Then drag it to your desktop to save.

Print and cut on a regular 8.5x11 US letter size paper. We recommend a thicker paper (like a 80lb-100lb) paper. 


Happy Valentine's Day!




Monkie Birdie at the pre Golden Globe Boom Boom Room! January 13 2014, 0 Comments

Finally we are back from an eventful weekend at the pre Golden Globes Boom Boom Room- a celebrity baby gifting suite, the only of it's kind held at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. We were so thrilled to show off our products to the who's who of the film and television world and doing a world of good at the same time. The celebrities helped pack birthday gift bags for kids living in a homeless shelter, a fun way to add a little joy to their special day. All the gift bags were donated to Colette's Children Home , one of the most respected and trusted shelters for women and children in the Huntington/ Orange County area. 

Our designs were a huge hit with the celebrities, especially our fabric wall decal growth chart. This is what a few celebrities said about our designs:

Scott Wolf (Party of Five)- "Your designs are amazing! LOVE IT!"

Anna Trebanskaya (Dancing with the Stars)- "So talented! Love the designs!"

Eva Marcille (The Young & the Restless)- "Ooh, I want that!"

Jackie Geary (NCIS)- "Love your products. They are great!"

Alfonso Ribiero (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)- "Love the wall decal!"

Marsha Thomason (Lost, White Collar, Las Vegas)- "Love your line of products!"

We also met some awesome vendors who have great products! Check out a few of our friends:



Tidy Tots Diapers


Finally a huge thank you to our friends Marie-Anne, Hemu & Sharmishtha, Patricia and Aditya for helping us out in one way or another to make this event a huge success!

 To see more pictures from the event follow us on Pinterest or like us on Facebook.





Black & White Nursery Inspiration January 03 2014, 0 Comments

We are so excited about this nursery inspiration! For one, it's timeless, and can grow with your child. It's classic- this theme can be applied to any room in your house.

And last but not the least, can be modified to suit your taste. Researchers have understood this about baby/ infant vision: Infants reflexively prefer to look at high-contrast edges and patterns. Large black and white patterns present the highest possible contrast (100%) to the eye and thus are the most visible and attractive to babies.

So forget the pastels, go for high contrast decor and make it classy, all at the same time.

We used high contrast patterns like geometric and floral, warmed it up with an accent color of copper with accessories and lighting, and added whimsical features like the paper rhino bust and geometrical mobile to create interest. Our favorite piece is the Cream and Black striped dresser knob from Land of Nod, which is a small piece with a big impact.

Our black and white nursery art can be found here. For more information on the products follow us on Pinterest.

Hollywood…here we come! December 27 2013, 0 Comments

We are super thrilled…No. Wait. We are SUPER-DUPER thrilled that we have been invited as a vendor for Pre Golden Globes Celebrity Baby Boom Boom Room (quite a mouthful) at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on January 10th & 11th, 2014.

Baby Boom Boom Room is a gifting event where celebrities (and their babies) get to try out hot new products in the market.


We were contacted by Hollywood celebrity stylist and baby expert Jayneoni Moore, who handpicks vendors to participate in this event, attended by celebrities such as Lisa Ling, singer Jewel, Tim Allen, Chris Noth, Mellisa Joan Hart and Scott Baio among others in the past.

Obviously, this is a great opportunity for a 1 year young company like us, so we just had to say "YES!!". We have been busy getting our ducks in a row to attend this awesome opportunity and rub shoulders with other awesome vendors such as Play-Doh, Little Tikes, Avent and Leap Frog who have participated in the past. 

 To see which celebrities stopped by our booth (and swooned over our products) and to stay updated on the latest news from us, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


A World of a Difference! December 03 2013, 0 Comments

One of our favorite things for the holiday season is to consider a charity to donate a portion of our profits to. Last year we donated to UNICEF for the great work they do around the globe to provide emergency relief to children in war torn, impoverished or disaster-struck nations.

This year, we are donating 10% of our profits from purchases made in the month of December to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), whose mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

Especially close to our heart is their work on conservation of extremely threatened species such as the Tiger. Can you imagine a world where our kids don't have the opportunity to experience the majestic presence and beauty of a tiger because of extinction?

The numbers of tigers in the wild are dwindling at a fast pace due to increasing human population, habitat loss and excessive hunting/ poaching.

Just in the last 100 years we have lost 97% of tigers. 

In view of our commitment to charity, we are releasing our new design "Tiger" print and will be donating 20% of the profits from the sales of our "Tiger" print to WWF in addition to our 10%  of our profits from our overall sales.

So, the next time you make a purchase from Monkie Birdie for the holidays, know that you'll be making a world of a difference by being a part of charity that helps conserve life in our forests and oceans for generations to come.

Our Snowflake Holiday Tee is finally here! And such a sweet deal. November 29 2013, 0 Comments

Have you seen our shimmery new Snowflake baby bodysuit yet? We are over the moon to see our new design on fabric…a completely new medium for us! The wintery blue and red shimmer snowflake design is a first for us and the best part for us is the cute tagline "Just chillin' ". We searched high and low for the softest 100% cotton tee out there and kept the tee tag less for ultimate comfort for the baby. 

It's great as a stocking stuffer for a new baby or a gift for a new mom and it's a steal at only $12.97 with free shipping thru Cyber Monday (12/2/13).

It's ok to be inspired and go out-of-the-box… November 14 2013, 0 Comments

…or at least that's what we learnt from creating our newest design "Black and White Nursery". The best part about creating anything, is the fact that inspiration can come to you from anything and anywhere.

A few weeks back, I took my 4 year old daughter to a japanese themed garden nestled quietly in the hills of northern california. The highlight of her day, was being able to feed the koi fish in the small mossy pond. Her absolute delight at being able to get the fish to come closer to her feeding hand, was alone worth the trip.


   Being inspired from the serene beauty of the gardens to create a new design, was the cherry on the top. The koi fish, even though larger in size from other fish species, are such graceful creatures. The way their bodies bend to form an elegant S-curve, the details of their scales and their bright colors, make them a wonderful objet d'art.

   Although the aesthetic of this design is quite a departure from other designs we've done before, we decided that it's ok to take risks once in a while and depart from the norm.

The black and white palette emphasizes the details of the flourishes in the design that have been inspired from Indian henna art. The distinctly eastern inspiration is still modern enough in it's stark black white form to add a touch of bold to a room. The quote "Life is beautiful, since you came in to this world" is inspired from that wonderful day I spent with my daughter.

Raising a reader...alphabet nursery inspiration November 07 2013, 0 Comments

It amazes me everyday how much my 4 year old is able to read and write. Raising a reader, takes some effort. It could be regular routines such as reading before bedtime. Or creating a print-rich environment in which your child learns to recognize familiar alphabets and words. Taking this as the starting point, we have designed a print-rich Alphabet Nursery inspiration board. 

Inspired by simple lines from Scandinavian designs, airy and functional pieces, this room is neutral and can work for those who want to play it safer in terms of color. The light wood tones are accented by touches of red and the addition of type on different things brings the room together. Favorite pieces to add a touch of whimsy- the trash bucket from Anthropologie that says "Trash Bucket" on the front and the apple cut out mirror from Land of Nod.

For more information on the pieces- follow us on our Pinterest page.



Us....on Open Sky! November 06 2013, 0 Comments

That's right! We are super thrilled to be invited to join Open Sky as a merchant. Open Sky, for those who haven't heard of it yet, is the new platform for connection based shopping where people connect with their friends to discover, buy and share unique items. It's like Facebook for the avid shopper. From artisanal foods, to unique fashion finds, you'll be supporting a lot of independent artists and small businesses when you shop Open Sky. And the best part, you can share with your family and friends the products you love the most.

If you aren't on Open Sky yet, join through this link:

You'll be amazed at what you discover!


New Birthday Invites/Thank You cards from Monkie Birdie October 21 2013, 0 Comments

It feels like forever since I last posted here. As the summer ended and the cold brisk weather has taken over, and the leisurely days have given way to busy hectic schedules, we've decided to launch a new line of products. A first out of many to come,(drumroll please) we present to you the launch of our Birthday Stationery. 

Printed on a 100% recycled paper with 100% recycled envelopes, these cards are right up my alley as an eco-conscious mom. I cringe at paper wastage and have made it my business policy to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. We used some of our best selling designs in our stationery and hope you'll remember to invite us (oops, I mean) use our invites at your next birthday party!