It's ok to be inspired and go out-of-the-box… November 14 2013, 0 Comments

…or at least that's what we learnt from creating our newest design "Black and White Nursery". The best part about creating anything, is the fact that inspiration can come to you from anything and anywhere.

A few weeks back, I took my 4 year old daughter to a japanese themed garden nestled quietly in the hills of northern california. The highlight of her day, was being able to feed the koi fish in the small mossy pond. Her absolute delight at being able to get the fish to come closer to her feeding hand, was alone worth the trip.


   Being inspired from the serene beauty of the gardens to create a new design, was the cherry on the top. The koi fish, even though larger in size from other fish species, are such graceful creatures. The way their bodies bend to form an elegant S-curve, the details of their scales and their bright colors, make them a wonderful objet d'art.

   Although the aesthetic of this design is quite a departure from other designs we've done before, we decided that it's ok to take risks once in a while and depart from the norm.

The black and white palette emphasizes the details of the flourishes in the design that have been inspired from Indian henna art. The distinctly eastern inspiration is still modern enough in it's stark black white form to add a touch of bold to a room. The quote "Life is beautiful, since you came in to this world" is inspired from that wonderful day I spent with my daughter.