Outside your Fridge: 4 creative ways to keep your child entertained right in your kitchen! April 03 2014, 0 Comments

As you may well be aware, having children doesn’t confine them to their nursery. As they become mobile, you have to find creative ways to keep them occupied and out of trouble, as you get on with your daily routines. We have 4 creative ways to keep them busy right in front of your refrigerator:

1. On/Off Magnets:
These simple on/off switch magnets are meant to hold memos and notes. But we think they are perfect to keep your toddlers away from real electrical switches and keep them busy for those few precious minutes you need to get the dinner in the oven.


2. Zero Gravity Fridge Rover:
If you want to see your child’s eyes glaze over with wonder, add the Zero Gravity Fridge Rover to your fridge amongst your shopping lists and kids drawings. This 2”x2” little car sticks to the fridge just like any other magnet, but wind it up to set it in motion and it will roll about the door without falling down.


3. TOMY Gearation refrigerator magnets building toy:
We have no words for this toy except this one: AWESOME!! It has one battery operated central gear that features an on/off switch. Your child can arrange the other gears with the central gear in any combination to see them spin, whirl and turn. 

4. Magnetic Fridge Clocks:
These magnetic fridge wall clocks are adorable, functional and interactive all at the same time. They are handmade in New Zealand and perfect for your pre-schooler to help arrange numbers and learn how to tell the time.

by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.