Backyard Chickens- Why having them is good for our kids and how to do it in style! April 18 2014, 0 Comments

It's Easter! We thought we'd celebrate with some "stylin' chicks".

If you have a child like mine who just loves the idea of having pets and you’ve been putting it off wondering how you would get around to cleaning and maintaining them, we highly suggest (drumroll please) - the humble ever so easy to keep - chickens! Having chickens in your urban or suburban backyard is all the rage now. Besides having fresh eggs to eat, they are great as pets.


They are cheap and easy to care for and can teach our kids invaluable lessons about life.

1. Lifecycle- Chickens mature fast. In 6 months you can raise a bird from adolescence (chick) to egg producing adult (Pullet). Taking the kids for  an intellectual spin by asking them the age old question "Did the chicken come first or the egg" never ceases to entertain. 

2. Food source- Kids learn what chickens eat and who eats them. Discover where eggs come from, i.e, not originating from the supermarket.

3. Social behaviors- chickens prefer the company of others, and thrive in groups. 

4. Compassion-kids learn to nurture and care for the chickens.

5. Hygiene- kids learn to keep coops clean and thoroughly wash hands after handling the chickens to avoid Salmonella.

6. Recycling, reusing- Putting the chicken droppings straight into the compost makes ultra strong fertiliser for your garden. Kids learn that even waste can be recycled for new use.

…the list is endless.


While you are mulling over whether to get chickens or not as your next pet, we present to you 2 amazing chicken coop designs to do it in style.

Omlet EGLU

 This colourful, stylish design has considered the cleaning aspect with slide out, wipe clean surfaces. Up to four chickens can perch or nest inside and their front door can make them feel safe at night. It’s simplicity almost tempts me.


NOGG Chicken Coop

There isn’t only one on the market. Nogg have gone for a more architectural approach. Using Cedar Wood shaped like an egg, it provides an elegant safe house that looks more natural in an overgrown garden setting or compact for urban use.


Cocorico by Maxime Evrard

Although still a concept, we can't wait till this idea comes to life. Designed by Maxime Evrard for his thesis project, this urban coop in an egg shape, but it’s plastic design allows for a layered system for disassembly.



by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.