A true story of strength and hope April 30 2014, 0 Comments

I started Monkie Birdie as a creative outlet and found my passion in designing for children. The only thing I knew then, is that I was adding value to the visual experience and learning of a small baby growing into a child, stimulating his/her environment with colorful decor that may someday evoke memories for them or maybe even lead them to have a leaning towards the creative arts.

Little did I know the emotional connection that art or design can evoke. The following story is a real story from a real customer that has touched me profoundly as an artist and as a mother. It reminds me why I do, what I do, and why I need to continue doing it. This is the story of Jason and Bethiel Holton. 

They got married in 2011. Before they could go on their honeymoon, Jason was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. So instead of a honeymoon, they scheduled his surgery and radiation. Just about 1 year after Jason got his "all clear" CT scan, they found out they were pregnant with their first child. Their son, Wesley Holton, represented their hopes, dreams and love. They were convinced that this miracle baby was going to have a profound impact on the world and they were committed to seeing the fruition through his spirit. The Monday before Christmas, Jason and Bethiel heard the most difficult news. Their son's heart had stopped beating. What they had been dreaming of for years and planning for past 9 months had changed in an instant.

When Jason and Bethiel, let friends and family know of Wesley's passing, they asked them to do something unexpectedly nice or kind for another person in lieu of flowers. They along with their friends and family organized a "March of Dimes" walk in honor of Wesley on April 26th 2014.

Bethiel contacted me to see if we would lend our "Lion" design for the March of Dimes tshirts (she had purchased our "Lion" print to design Wesley's nursery and it reminded her of him). 


We were more than honored, grateful and humbled to offer our design as part of the March of Dimes walk that was attended in droves by the friends and family of the Holtons. Their team was one of the largest teams to walk that day and raised their goal of $7500.

What makes Jason and Bethiel's story so unique and special is that they turned their personal tragedy into a force of strength and hope that would benefit many families and their children. And we were honored to be a part of it!


The March of Dimes funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. If you'd like to make a donation to the March of Dimes, please click here.