Honeybee Baby- 5 sweet inspirations from nature for your lil' honeypot's hive. July 16 2014, 0 Comments

Somehow summer never seems to last long enough. Bringing the natural wonderful world of bees indoors can make it last a little longer and create an attractive, gender neutral environment for your baby to "bee". Here are our five sweet inspirations that will get you "buzzing" for more.

1. Honeycomb Wall Shelf

This fabulous handmade shelf allows you to show off, yet keep safe, those keepsakes. It's modular form makes it easy to customize the shape and size to fit your space.

2. Busy Bee Wall clock

This delicate wall clock can brighten up a room instantly, perfect for modern decor.


3. Skip Hop Storage Bin- Bee

Tidying up couldn't "bee" simpler, ok enough bee jokes already.


4. Bumble Bee insect Paper-Cut

Available in different colors, this bee silhouette is hand cut from paper. The level of detail makes this a beautiful delicate piece in a pretty mobile or wall stencil to accessorize a nursery or play room.


5. Bee Whitework Embroidery Kit

For those with nimble fingers out there, this embroidery kit is simple and brings a beautiful detail to any fabric. Think soft baby blankets or even curtains.


by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.