Purrfect! October 01 2014, 0 Comments

Is your cat feeling slightly neglected now that your baby is due to arrive or has already arrived? You tried avoiding them during your pregnancy to prevent toxoplasmosis and now you just don't have the time or the energy to give your cat the attention they need. 

At a time of change and disruption, your cat may feel a little jealous, so show her you still love her with these adorable new safe-houses. 

This 100% recycled cardboard flat pack Native American Teepee will make your cat’s eyes light up and is sure to entice your ‘first baby’. It will give her the feeling she is still loved and makes a perfect hideout for those noisier moments when baby comes home.



An attractive stackable system, designed by Elisabeth Paige Smith, is well suited if you have more than one furry friend, to avoid those ‘cat fights’ over it.


We love this space saving solution, very clever and looks very comfortable. It respects the cat’s instinct to run for cover, just check she’s not there before you sit yourself down for dinner.


The plastic cat’s head looks almost Japanese in design. In fact the company, Studio Mango, is based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The plastic structure means it can support a humans weight, so you can share your quiet time together.



Even if you don’t have the pleasure of owning a cat, you are going to love this! Making clever use of the positive and negative space, Nel Studio have a modular range of book shelves and furniture, that are absolutely PURRFECT for the cat lover in you!

by Emma Hubert | Blog Contributor

Emma Hubert was born and raised near Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Her background includes 11 years of experience working in a design consultancy environment. Now a full time mom of two beautiful girls, Emma loves photography and bakes a mean zucchini cake. Simplistic designs and everyday products please her and creative thinking brings a smile to her face.