The long enduring tale of Peter Rabbit. February 05 2013, 0 Comments

San Francisco is a fascinating city. Music and art fills every corner of it. If the jazz tunes of a street saxophonist fills the subway, a rap dancer shows off his moves as soon as you step on to the street.The architecture snakes over the highs and lows of the steep slopes that make San Francisco so unique. And interspersed are the lovely shop windows displaying every imaginable wares possible.

What does this have to do with the "Tale of Peter Rabbit" you ask? I mean, what place is San Francisco for a naughty little rabbit who escaped Mr. Mcgregor's vegetable garden?

Well, the tale written by Beatrix Potter, is one of the longest enduring stories that was first published in England in 1902.To celebrate it's 110th Anniversary this year, Gap has partnered with the publishers of  the Beatrix Potter tales, to offer children's clothing based on the stories. On my weekly trip to San Francisco, I happened to pass by the Gap store windows to see their window displays featuring Peter Rabbit.

 I think Gap did a great job by keeping it simple, graphic and adding depth through it's 3D cutout displays for their windows. I think it's fascinating, that an illustrated children's book, that has had such a long commanding presence in classic literature has now been reinvented making it so relevant.

The amalgamation of fashion and literature is, of course, extremely appealing to me. Whenever two completely different disciplines come together, feeding off each other, being inspired by each other, the result is almost always unique. 

Having indulged in a variety of artistic backgrounds myself, my most creative satisfaction comes from merging two art forms- may it be dance and film, or dance and architecture and now for Monkie Birdie, graphic and interior design.

What do you think of the new Gap windows for Peter Rabbit?

Find out more about Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter here: