SFIGF and Tom Floral February 23 2013, 0 Comments

After a hectic weekend in chilly and wet Seattle, I had the honor of attending the last day of the San Francisco International Gift Fair 2013, last Tuesday. It's a wholesale trade show, that happens twice a year, not open to the general public. I wish I could take you inside to give you a sneak peek at this year's trends and new products coming to a gift shop near you. But photography is pretty much prohibited except if the exhibitors give their permission.


I was thrilled to stop by the Tom Floral (of Martinez, CA) booth. I have seen their products before in stores and absolutely love them. And they were kind enough to let me photograph their products for the sake of this blog. They specialize in items inspired by and made out of natural materials.

They have adorable things made out of straw and moss like bunnies, squirrels even roosters.

The booth featured storybook mushrooms, little country houses and little nests with eggs. And of course, there were owls for owl-lovers.






Just a placement of the moss covered mushroom or the charming little house on a bookshelf could bring the enchantment of a classic storybook alive in the nursery.

From a decorator's perspective, the addition of natural/ earthy element to a modern nursery, would impart just the right contrast  and seek to soften the sleek lines of modern decor.



Visit www.tomfloral.com or visit a gift shop near you for more tom floral products.


The trade show itself was immense and featured all things from stationary, clothing to home decor and toys. All in all, it was inspiring, informative and impressive. I'm so looking forward to Monkie Birdie participating in the near future!