Introducing Stacked Birds Growth Chart Fabric Wall Decal April 10 2013, 0 Comments

Hello Everyone,

We are so pleased to introduce our newest product: Stacked Birds Growth Chart Fabric Wall Decal!

Eco-friendly and non-toxic, this adorable growth chart is available in 3 colors- Girl (Pink/Tangerine), Boy (Blue/Tangerine) and Neutral (Khaki/Tangerine).

Removable (without leaving a residue) and reusable upto 200 times (depending on the smoothness of the surface), these growth charts are perfect for apartments or temporary homes. You can also store the chart safely back on the backing paper it comes with, so even if your kids are gone to college, you never lose the memories!

You can mark the growth of your child with the tiny leaf markers provided (15 total) upto 5 ft in height, and even write notes on them such as your child's name and age. What's more, is that you can use a single growth chart for multiple kids, with the leaves on one side of he chart and the adjustable wings of the birds on the other side.

These growth charts also make a unique gift for baby shower, birthdays or any occasion. And since the decals are made of non-toxic fabric, they are perfect for your baby's room. 

Sorry, these charts are not yet available for international shipping. But check back with us soon, we will be offering it in the near future.

These decals start shipping in 2 weeks, but you can pre-order your Growth Chart today!