Wild and Wonderful Woodland Nursery Inspiration May 01 2013, 0 Comments

Hello Everyone,

Pardon our absence on the social scene for the last couple weeks. Things have been hectic due to new and exciting products that are in development. Can't wait to introduce you to them. Meanwhile, here's the nursery theme of the week: a Wild and Wonderful Woodland Nursery using our Woodland Nursery Art print set as the inspiration.

The great thing about this theme is that it can work as a neutral nursery for a boy or a girl especially for those of you, who have decided not to find out the gender of your baby. The textures are rustic, the color palette is neutral with punches of bold orange and the shapes are modern. The little campfire light adds a touch of adventure, like camping outdoors. Suffice to say, that as your child grows, they won't outgrow this room decor- in fact throw in a little tent at age 3 or 4 and see their eyes light up as you camp indoors! 


For more information on the products go to our Pinterest page.