Ballerina Nursery Inspiration September 18 2013, 0 Comments

Hello All,

If you have a very girly daughter like I do, you'd know that there's no escaping fascination with ballerinas and tutus. Being a young girl myself, I remember imitating pirouettes and jetés every time I saw ballet performances on television. Which may have lead my mother to believe that I had some potential for dance, since she enrolled me in a class right after one of the days she saw me secretly dancing in my bedroom. 

Designing a bedroom with ballet as an inspiration was not only fun for me, but a challenge in making the room feel more modern and contemporary rather than traditional. If you are tired of seeing chevron patterns in nurseries everywhere, replace it with the new geometric pattern trend: Quatre Foil. It's the perfect blend of geometry and elegance, giving a very contemporary look to any room. The reflective surfaces of the mirrored dresser, chandelier and the crystal drop garland add a touch of magic to the room. The pink Bailey tufted crib from Posh Tots gives it an air of luxury. 

Go ahead and create a dream room for your little girl, and welcome her to the world of dance!

The Ballerina Nursery Art set of 3 prints are available here. Follow us on our Pinterest page for details on all the products. Happy decorating!