Giving Back

Since we established our company in 2012, one of our main goals was to be sustainable in our business practices in order to have minimum impact on the environment and to help children in need around the world, especially in the fields of health and education.

We recycle our waste, use recycled and recyclable materials when we can and minimize on packaging to save trees.

We believe in giving back to better the environment and society by donating to charitable causes every holiday season. We donate up to 10% of our profits to charities we believe are doing work that align with our core principles: sustainable environment and better health and education for every child. In 2012, our charity of choice was UNICEF, for their tremendous efforts to bring humanitarian aid and emergency relief to children in disaster-struck zones.

In 2013, we are donating to a cause very close to our heart: World Wildlife Fund for there work on conservation of tigers. 

We hope you can join us in our efforts to make the world a better place for our little monkies and birdies!


Suchi Crandall